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NEW POSTER – Stonehenge Poster

I’m happy to announce my latest travel poster design of Stonehenge. Are there any other English points of interest that you would like to see as a travel poster? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll make sure to create a new poster as soon as possible for you.

Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site and is the most known and popular prehistoric monument in Europe located in Wiltshire, England. This poster shows the Stone Circle that has history spanning over 4,500 years. The Stone Circle is a masterpiece of engineering, and would have taken many years for a large group of builders to build with very basic tools.

The purpose of Stonehenge is still unknown. Many think it could be a giant sundial or spiritual reasons for the Neolithic and Bronze Age people.

The Stonehenge poster is now available in my shop. I ship all posters worldwide so you can send a piece of Stonehenge anywhere in the world. As always, all my designs are available in 5×7 inch up to A1 size posters. All posters are printed on matte archival photography photo paper.

Read more about Stonehenge or book your visit here: English Heritage Website